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There is a lot of talk about male libido today. Some people equate the meaning of this word with the word "potential", but in fact this is not entirely true.

Women from afar feel men with high libido, and subconsciously dream of having a relationship with them.

Potential is the physical ability to have sexual intercourse, while libido is something more subtle, which is outside the physical world. Libido cannot be touched, it can only be felt, felt, and the more this sensation, the higher the libido.

Conventionally, libido can be referred to as a prerequisite for potential, libido - as an interesting locomotive throughout the other sexual spheres in a man’s life. Women from afar feel men with high libido, and subconsciously dream of having a relationship with them.

Girls are subject to communication with men with high libido, which is why men with high libido enjoy unprecedented success with women, and often this does not depend on external data and financial situation.

What Uncle Freud said about libido

The concept of libido was introduced by the famous psychotherapist Sigmunt Freud. As you know, he was very interested in the problem of sex and even put forward a whole theory about it, which has long been studied in universities and in psychological encounters.

Freud believed that laying down libido occurs in early childhood, when the child is alternately attracted to parts of his body and the mother’s body-her breasts, her anus and then her genitals. Furthermore, libido is formed through three stages - platonic, erotic, sexual.

After all these transformations, libido is ready, developed and functioning harmoniously. But the world around us is not ideal, sometimes the development of libido does not correspond to the desired scenario, and then a very unpleasant change occurs in a man's life - decreased libido.

The cause of decreased libido

The first time, when libido decreases, a man may not be fully aware of this. There is little fading interest in the opposite sex and the need to have sex is diminished.

Conflict with your partner can lead to a decrease in libido

You can criticize your lover or wife relentlessly, saying that she is no longer passionate, but not at all about herself. With a decline in libido, changing your partner will not bring disappointment, so you should immediately revive your libido.

Causes of decreased libido can be: stress, emotional turmoil, conflict with your partner, lack of conditions for comfortable sexual intercourse, serious illness, drug use, drug addiction, inflammatory processes of the reproductive system, psychological discomfort, long absence of sexual intercourse, fatiguephysical body.

In these cases, there is not only a decrease in sexual interest, but also a lack of fantasy, masturbation, reluctance to watch erotic movies, etc. Already at this stage, you should immediately influence the situation and deal with it under your control. Syrup to increase male libido - LongUp - this is what will help restore libido.

How LongUp Increases Libido

LongUp syrup to increase male libido will help regain previous desires. The product is made on the basis of natural extracts, its use does not affect other organs and systems. On average, men have sex between 1 to 5 times a week, but after using the product, the indicator increases 1. 5-2 times.

How often do men have sex?
Age Number of intercourse per week before taking LongUp Sexual intercourse weekly after taking LongUp
17-20 5-6 7-10
20-25 4-5 6-9
25-35 3-4 5-7
35-50 2-3 3-6
Over 50 1-2 2-4

The action of the syrup is clearly directed - it only affects libido. With just a few tricks, you will feel the change, and upon completion of the course you will regain your lost desires.

Interesting fact. American scientists believe that walking barefoot is the best way to increase libido. The fact is that there is a point on the foot that is responsible for sexual attraction. This also explains the emergence of a large number of resort romances.

LongUp syrup is an aphrodisiac, the history of its creation comes from the Bedouins who used this medicine to take care of men’s health. Later, the prescription was handed over to Italy, to the personal physician of the famous politician Mussolini, and after that spread throughout Italy and other European countries.

What is the content of LongUp syrup?

Meaning LongUp contains only natural ingredients, including herbal extracts and vitamins. This composition contains:

All components are balanced and carefully assembled in optimal proportions. Using the product will have a positive effect on your well -being.

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Benefits of Using the LongUp Tool
The natural base makes LongUp syrup stand out from other medicines. LongUp is the best tool because:
The effectiveness of the product is based on the use of aphrodisiacs. The drug improves the condition of the body and improves the overall tone. Syrup to increase male libido LongUp has helped thousands of men around the world to find the desire for sex and the strength to turn it on.

What is the expected result

After tasting LongUp syrup, you will definitely be amazed by the results. LongUp syrup takes care of your health and also replenishes the body with vitamins. The effect of the drug shows the following results:

Libido will recover, you can return to a harmonious and satisfying life, and also improve your health thanks to the high vitamin content. LongUp - long -term fun and self -confidence!

You can order the product on the official website in Slovenia. Discounted price - € 39 and find out the price in another country. LongUp - Feel the height of your libido. Enjoy an active sex life!

Doctor's review

Doctor Urologist Eva Eva
23 years old
Decreased libido always precedes problems with the potency and health of the genitourinary field. Normal desire and sexual activity are the natural prevention of prostatitis, adenomas and other diseases. LongUp syrup can have a positive effect on libido, which is why I recommend it first. This medication can be used before problems with male function appear, but prevention is the best treatment. LongUp contains only natural ingredients, there are no syrup analogues in Slovenia. Syrup is the easiest method to improve men's health.